Saturday, 17 September 2011

American lessons: part 1

Lesson 1: Don't try and get a haircut on a Monday. (Probably true in the UK too).

Book cases have arrived, been assembled and are now full; and our pictures are all up on the walls. Feels like home.

I've enjoyed cycling around the area near our apartment last week and have found a barbers, a library, nearest train station for NYC trips and various shops, cafes etc.

Phone interview seemed to go well, but haven't heard back about a follow up interview. Ah job-hunting...patience, patience...

Saturday, 10 September 2011

First week in New Jersey

Just had my first Saturday morning in our new home. It's a lovely sunny day after all the rain this week and I had a good ride on my bike whilst Lj was out running. I was on quiet roads mostly and had no problems with traffic - saw a few other cyclists out as well. Where we're living in Spring Ridge, the main road passing through it has cycle lanes and makes for a reasonable 15-20 minute loop (for those days when I just want to push down on the pedals and not think too hard about where I'm going). Checked out the Somerset Hills YMCA whilst I was out, which I will likely join to use the gym and pool and got myself a Saturday newspaper and bagels from our local A&P.

The appartment is starting to feel like home now we have our furniture and some pictures on the walls. Just need to get some bookcases and a drill to help put up some heavier items on the walls. I'll post some pictures sometime.

Otherwise this week, we went to see the US Open tennis in Flushing Meadow; unpacked all our furniture etc which arrived on Tuesday; went to Groton in Connecticut with Lj; did my OU assignment; spent some time thinking about what I'd like to do work-wise whilst I'm here; and looked at what jobs are being advertised at the moment - applied for a couple and have a phone interview lined up for one next week. The phone interview has come about after being alerted to the job by a friend of Lj's, whilst the speculative applications don't seem to come to much - which goes to confirm that networking is probably the better way to find a job.

Most interesting new American experience of the week was watching a bit of the TV debate for the Rebublican presidential nomination. Wow.